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A Legacy of Commitment and Service History

      Through 30 years of service and commitment, the Order of the Blue Eagles (OBE) has contributed funds for scholarship and various sports, alumni activities and facilities development in the University, and has grown to 5,643 members. The OBE began as one of the flagship programs of the Ateneo Alumni Association (AAA) way back in 1981.

      Fueled by strong Ignatian values of commitment, integrity and service, and aimed at developing among all alumni the culture of giving annually and regularly, the OBE was established under the leadership of then AAA President Agustin Bengzon (GS ‘49, HS ‘53, BS PM ‘57). The OBE allows alumni, at any stage of their life, to donate whatever their generosity allows to the school and other alumni projects over a period of time. Hence, the membership ranking (bronze, silver, gold, diamond, and platinum) to indicate the cumulative donations given by an individual.

      Through the OBE, the AAA was able to create and institutionalize mass-based support from the alumni to its alma mater and AAA projects. Because of the OBE, all alumni, regardless of his or her social or professional standing, is able to participate in projects for the alumni and the school.

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